TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod


TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod

TakaraTomy KISS Player Hot Rod is the 1764th Transformer that I've acquired.

I think per square inch of plastic he's probably the most expensive too. Way too damn expensive for a non-die-cast figure.

But what's a loser to do.


So if Hot Rod comes with a pole, isn't that redundant? And wow does that sound dirty.

No, Hot CARLIMUS comes with a fishing ROD.

Copyright issues, you know. Also, he's the only KISS player TF with lips, so he can. . . you know. . . kiss back? Or wouldn't getting kissed by a TF possibly explode your face?

God Damn you, Takaratomy. I didn't have these questions before.

BTW, Nala, at least he seems to be of better quality plastic than several of the Alts I have. He's heavier than Sideswipe, that's for sure.


I wants it... I needs it...

Must have it....

eh..? what? $70?

psh! patience and poor ebay listing skills are my friends! lol

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