6" Titanium G1 Scourge



It has been 20 years and I dislike this character just as much as I did in 1986.

I just think he's an ugly boat.

Don't get me wrong here now... Hasbro did the ugly boat thing justice here. He's solid with a good paint job.

The character just does nothing for me.

Titanium G1 Scourge is the 1746th Transformer that I've ever gotten.


He's not just an ugly boat... he's an ugly FLYING boat! And he can pop his head up in mid-flight, that's got to be worth like a hundred fan points right there!

Plus, I'm not sure but I *think* he can use that thing on his head as a laser pointer...

I really dont like the character or the fact he is,was and will always be a shellformer but i do like the use of the name for cybertrons scourge

Ah the love hate relationship. I hate this piece of ...diecast too, Yet there he is sitting on my bookshelf. He's still sitting on his reciept I can't decide wiether i like him enough to take him back or not. ARG

You know what bugged me the most about him? His Down syndrome looking head.. something about this guy's head just looks off and its driving me nutz and no its not the silver 'stash. hehe

Wow! He is kind of Downsy.

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