Dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind


I have absolutely nothing geek-related to talk about.


Nothing. Zilch.

Almost opened that Ultra Magnus eHobby repaint of Laser Prime but didn't really have it in me to crack him open yet.

Every day I get closer and closer to cracking open Super God Fire Convoy in all his translucent god master sword glory. But I haven't.

I did get the oak tree leaves all raked up.

I suppose that's something.

But that's leaf-related isn't it?

And the various hoont bombs that I stepped in would be poop-related.


Ok. I'm bored now.


When you do open it, don't be too disappointed when you find out how flimsy the sword's handle is. Also I can't figure out for the life of me how to get Brave Maximus to hold that thing.

Well the sword has been redesigned for Super Fire Convoy.

The original Fort/Brave Max sword has a totally different handle that fits on the huge fist.

I have nothing to add except that I always totally love the songs you reference. It makes up for your Depeche Mode love.

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