Nala's Simple Retard Review of Ultimate Battle Prime & Megatron


I don't think I can put into words how totally unprepared I was for the level of suck that these 2 figures have made me feel.

Well... suck may be too harsh. They don't totally suck total balls. But they do suck partial balls.

Prime's truck mode (below) is just plain awful and contributes to his faults.

Classics Optimus Prime - totally awful in alt mode

It is sad.


Optimus Prime

Classics Optimus Prime (Deluxe)

Now I have to give points to Prime's robot mode. I really do like it.

Sure it looks like practically every other G1-ish version but I do like the look of the legs and I especially like the head. In a kid's hands he'd probably be perfectly sized too.

He seems to be about the size of the Takara Robot Masters Convoy or just a tad larger.

There's actually a neat feature going from truck to bot mode. As the waist spins around the front truck wheels fold up to form his lower back.

And he's actually super articulated. This figure can be put in practically any pose. That's even more than I can say for Classics Jetfire, who does have some limitations due to the wings.

But the truck mode I just don't get. After 20 years and something like 15 versions of a cab mode Prime Hasbro and/or TakaraTomy dropped the ball on this one. His truck mode is just plain awful. His legs basically just fold back and are way too long and out of proportion.

Awful! Awful! Awful!

He'll definitely be staying in bot mode for the duration of his stay in The Attic of Love.


Classics Megatron (Deluxe)

Now Megatron is just adequate. His bot mode is ok but I can't say I'm a fan of the feet and he suffers from my number one rule with most TFs I like. That rule? Only Shockwave gets a non-hand! (Of course, Omega Supreme is excluded too!)

I know it is a lame point. But I'm just a hands guy when it comes to my TFs. I like the symmetry that two hands brings to the robot mode.

Without the hand or even an indication that there's a hand I think it looks like a stump. Like there's supposed to be a hand there but it got cut off or something.

He has a gimmick too where you push a small pin in and the gun/left art spins around line a blade. I'm not into any gimmick beyond the main transformation so it doesn't do anything for me.

I do like Meg's head mold. I kind of wish they would have designed his body more along the lines of the other awful recent Megatron in the 6" Titanium line. While he just sucks from being one of the worst Transformers ever made, I just have a gut feeling that design and creation-wise, a happy medium between the two would have delivered us a finer G2 Megatron homage. In fact, I think it could be the best G2 Megatron because even that figure is totally out of proportions.

His tank mode is pretty mediocre too. It is tank-ish and I guess if they'd have gone for a real tank it would at least look better.

Mine has the incorrectly assembled feet too. I don't even know if I care enough to fix them.

I can truthfully say that both of these figures can probably go missing from your collections and you'll never notice their absence.


what about non-hand havin' hoist?

I can't say I'm a fan of G1 Hoist or Trailbreaker for that matter.

And I really hated Armada Hoist. He was the most serious offender with his digging claw and then they crippled him again with a crappy other hand.

That is probably the worst looking Prime cab I've ever seen.

And I'm not real keen on Optimus' huge eyes. Yeah, they're made for light piping, but they make him look freaked out.

that's because he was designed by andrew wildman. he's all worried about having to kill ratchet/megs.

I was holding off on regular Classics prime for this set until Walky gave it such an awful commentary. I picked up Classics Prime this weekend. it does not dissapoint.

whats on the dvd it comes with is it even worth picking up for that?

It is a bunch of Armada/Energon/Cybertron spliced up with Gary Chalk telling the story of the Transformers in a very generic way.

Oh so I think.

It was some promo piece that they talked about at Botcon.

The DVD is absolutely worthless. Maybe if it had been about the whole 22 year history of the Prime/Megatron conflict it would have been something, but it was a clip show from A/E/C. And most interestingly of all, neither the Prime nor the Megs included look anything like ANY of their A/E/C versions!

The Prime isn't bad. Yes, the truck mode is totally appalling, but his gimmick is addictive (reminds me of the tornado guy from He-Man) and his gun is perfectly sized to become a turret for Minimates. The Megatron got a decent alt mode, but WTF is up with his gimmick? It's not like he's Dinobot. They weren't totally disappointing but I don't think they're worth more than $15. One other thing I dig about them is that they're the same size as Primal and Megs from the BW10th collection and display together pretty well.

Yeah. Prime in bot mode, and his heavy articulation, really made me rewrite my initial thoughts.

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