The great comic book purge begins...


The great comic book purge begins!

It has started.

With the help of Jay and Giga the comic boxes have all been brought down to the dining room.

And thankfully, my memory has been way faulty on how many comics I still had.

I did a purge back in 87 and then again around 94 and I had pretty much forgot how many I had gotten rid. Back in my teens and during the Dark Ages I needed quick cash and selling off the comics was a way to get it.

Still. This is way too much baggage to have in my life.

The great comic book purge begins!

The goal here will be to reduce this by 95%, with only graphic novels, trades, and very specials individual issues or series kept.

I think I can manage that.

Of course, some of the stuff from the past 9 years is just as much of Giga's as it is mine. But I think he'll want to thin out the baggage as much as I do.


Hi, nice page. I have a crapload of comics I'd love to purge too. Be nice to see a post on how/where you sell them and what kind of returns you're getting as I have not figured out a way to get a decent amount back. I'm not talking about expecting cover price back, but something near half or close would be nice.

Honestly, once they are sorted and I snag all my favorites from when I was a kid, I'll be happy if I can get 25 cents each for them.

The general space they take up has now become far more valuable to me than the contents of these boxes.

I'll keep ya posted!

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