Cyberton Shadow Recon Team Six-Speed, Reverb, and Jolt

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Cyberton Shadow Recon Team (Six-Speed, Reverb, Jolt)

I totally love this version of Reverb (center above). I just gots a thing for the lighter translucent figures. The darker ones just don't do it for me.

Thankfully, Takara has done a lot of lighter ones.

If I'm not mistaken, these guys officially warrant the comment "here endeth Transformers Cybertron" since I don't think we'll see anything else under the subline.

Shadow Recon Team Six-Speed, Reverb, and Jolt are the 1761st through 1763rdTransformers that I've acquired.

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I'm glad to see that you found them. I really like these little buggers too. I'm a big fan of Jolt, but Reverb looks great too.

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