No. That doesn't look awkward at all.


Um. Hmmm.

Since Hasbro didn't have one in bot mode at Botcon I guess I never really would have figured that Titanium Soundwave would have a diaper full of poo on.

I think this'll be my first 6" titanium figure that'll stay in alt mode.


No. Really. It is a saggy diaper full of poo or those are the largest Cybertronian low hangers ever seen!


Soundwave is farktastic!


I thought of a saggy diaper when I first saw that too.

thank god fot the toys r us reissue...

Damnit, only Heinlad can have such a fabulous transformable scrotum!!!!

Seriously, is it that hard for Hasbro to make a decent Soundwave toy that isn't the original?

I'm really hoping Don didn't design this one. I remember at Comic Con they Hasbro rep told me Don designed a lot of them. How hard can it be to make a rectangular object turn into a decent looking, diaperless, robot?

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