Takara? Why hast thou forsaken me?



Those UK peoples get all the good shit!

Why oh why does this stuff get regional DVD releases everywhere in the world except in the most damnable consumer-driven culture there is.


Oh. And in other news, I really really really really really want a Ratchet made from an Alternator Skids (from here).


So these are subtitled in English then?

I've seen very little of these lines and would love to be able to buy them. There are a lot of characters and storylines that I know nothing about because I've never seen their shows.

Yeah. I've posted a few links to YouTube before.

Avoid any with English dubs. Subtitles all the way!

I love Masterforce and Victory. I loved the one episode of Zone too.

Headmasters I can take or leave. It isn't anime yet like the later series. It is still some bad American-style hybrid. The animation is awful.

But... Chromedome rocks!

*gasps at the Kitbash* omg O_O I wish I had that kind of talent and an extra Skids... hmmm

"Those UK peoples get all the good shit!"

I'll agree with that on certain things but the way the figures are released over here through Hasbro UK just sucks monkey balls. If you live in the UK and you haven't got access to the internet it's pretty much next to impossible to get certain figures or the majority of figures in general...

lilfrenzy: I know. It rocks the balls!!!

Bruticus: Welcome. Well... I wasn't clear there. I was referring to the Japanese DVDs and the Robots In Disguise mainly. I just don't know why they don't release this stuff region free.

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