Nala's Simple Retarded Review of Classics Jetfire


The new Jetfire figure in the Classics line is pure unadulterated love.

Classics Jetfire - Bot Mode

He's just fantastic.

Finally, after 20+ years, Hasbro takes a stab at reconciling the G1 cartoon version of the character known as Skyfire with the borrowed Macross Valkyrie design of the original toy Jetfire and he's a total winner.

They've even brought in elements that Don Fiqueroa used in the Transformers: War Within designs where Jetfire has his normal face/head and then a battle mask that can be worn.

Classics Jetfire with battle helmet on

Now the battle mask (above) is a bit bulky and I think looks a tad big for the figure when worn.

But his real face as seen below is total love!

Classics Jetfire's regular head

They even managed to incorporate the head into the "chest" part in jet mode, allowing the guns on the sides to become additional weaponry on the jet (below).

Classics Jetfire

Out of the box, he's a lot whiter than I previously thought. Even Evebird commented on how he looked a bit greyer but he's pretty white in good light.

Best of all he's sturdy and his articulation is ok. Now as good as Classics Bumblebee or the voyager-size Optimus Prime but he'll look nice on display.

Classics Jetfire. Own him. Love him. Let your panties get all wet.


Is he not top heavy? But I'm liking it, being a fan and an owner of the Macross Valkyrie design Jetfire...

Will add to collection at some point. If it ever arrives in this country... I'm still waiting for Bumblebee to arrive. Not out in England til 30th November! :o|


Yeah. He's a bit top heavy. It would be counteracted a bit if he were more articulated. But he's ok in terms of standing.

Beautiful. They got everything right.

I'm really looking forward to this figure. The Voyagers in the classics Line have been top notch. I wish there were more.

He is definitely one of the best Transformers to come out in a long time.

I just picked up JetFire. I was really disappointed by the quality of the build. He just doesn't feel quite as sturdy as my Armada FatFire. I love the way he looks, but he feels a bit flimsy like the rest of my classics.

Russ: Really? The only ones I felt flimsy were the 2 pack Megatron and Optimus.

I think he's a little top/back heavy but other than that mine seems pretty solid.

I pretty much love this figure to death. Seeing as I haven't really bought any TF's since I was a kid this design is light years ahead in terms of parts that seem like they won't wear out. I also thought the design of the transform was unique. What the heck do I know though.

Jetfire is mandatory for any TF fan.

I think Mirage, the larger Optimus Prime, , and Bumblebee are all mandatory these days.

The future Ultra Magnus repaint of Prime, while I don't have it yet, is also high in my book.

If you look at the design of Jetfire in the Stormbringer comics recently put out by IDW, you'll notice the exact details are all there. I'm guessing the artist either had the designs for the toy, or helped hasbro design it.

Love hate relationship with this one. I love how dead on it is to the G1 toy, but the feet.... oh the feet. As a top heavy toy having the feet behave like the original really limits the posability.

I love it,but his regular head looks so small.
His helmet kicks ass though.

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