8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons


Sent to me by Chloe's Father, 8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons.

Of course, the only one of concern around there parts is...

CARTOON: Transformers
LESSON: If we’re not careful, robots will kill us all.

This is a humbling lesson for any child to learn, but an easy one to accept, considering Transformers was one of the coolest cartoons of the '80s. Would the Unabomber have renounced his violent ways if he were to witness the sheer stunning spectacle that is Grimlock? Hard to say, since he didn’t have a TV. But we will tell you one thing: when machines replace humans at the top of the food chain, we’ll be standing on the sidelines, waving our Autobot flag with fervent pride. Because, let’s face it, getting eaten by an alien car would suck.

How it affected us as adults: The reason we stay away from Priuses and make our TV wear a blindfold when we sleep at night.

Um. I don't get the blindfold the tv thing. Am I too old?


I'm not sure if i got it either. I think its a referance to anything electronic being able to see you? You know like turning your toys around so they dont stare at you. I wouldn't know anything about that uh yea...

uh i dunno but then again i had to look up Priuses ^^:

Cracked magazine wasn't funny the first time, and it's pretty evident that it isn't funny now.

He-Man seems gay from our perspective 20 years later? Never heard that one! Haw haw haw!

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