When two things in my life "crash" into each other in a horrible way.


My Stern life and my TF life just unexpectedly crashed into a head-on collision of disastrous proportions.

There's nothing worse than listening to Howard Stern do a live ad for the Transformers 20th anniversary DVD and Howard not knowing a damn thing about what he's reading.

He then lists off all of the people who did voices and asks why the hell he has never heard of this film. Howard then asked Robin what the hell Transformers the movie is and she really doesn't know but says it is robots that transform into things.

Gary then jumps on a mic and trys to explain but even he doesn't know but he says his kids like Transformers.

What a cluster fuck of an ad.

Man oh man Sirius could have provided them with a bit more info, or at least scripted the live ad a bit better.



Remember, things can always be worse.

Try to envisage Rip Torn covering 'The Touch' to piano accompanyment while cosplaying as Op...

I would LOVE Rip Torn covering 'The Touch'!!!

Patches O'Houlihan is one of his greatest creations.

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