Can this be any uglier?

How can you go for the original concept of her from the first movie to this?!? That animated version so has to be made!

At least there's one toy Botcon toy I want.

In other news, the guest list for Botcon may be more underwhelming this year than any previous year I've gone.

While Weird Al is at least fresh, the others are really not. And is there a demand for all those IDW people? Um.... hmm... it smells more of padding than anything else. "See... we had all these guest! The most guest ever!"

How about getting Fred Willard! Now that would be different! John Moschitta? Cree Summer? Phil LaMarr??

And yes... I'm complaining about Botcon before it has even happened! Why? Because I've learned that any hope I have for this being fresh and new pretty much doesn't exist.


I can say that i'll be happy to take a beating from the ebay toy scalpers to add razorclaw to my collection! And as for the movie line go's did they even try? none of the figures have caught my eye they are all hidious why didn't they just retool the old arcee's head and paint and don't even get me started on the head sculpts of the downsyndrome twins

Don't worry, the movie line may suck but it will be gone from the stores in a mere 12-18 months. Well... at least we'll still have the option of buying Universe and Animated figures during that time. Oh wait. Not so much, no. Honestly, I am not even holding my breath for Animated Arcee, Ratbat, Cybertron Ratchet, and Blackout, which are supposedly the last of the "new mold" TFA figures. I think Hasbro is shutting it down.

As for BotCon, it gets a resounding meh. So far Razorclaw is the only figure I'm remotely interested in. As for the guest list, there are some nice names, but I've seen all those guys before (including Weird Al, in concert). Just more of the same. I was hoping for some new blood. And no, the entire office staff of IDW doesn't count. End result? Not upset about missing the con this year.

That motorcycle thing has got to be mistransformed. Right? That's all I can think.

arcee has to me massively mistransformed.. or at least this is the battle damaged version


Arcee is arse. Maybe we'll be lucky and the correct transformation will fix it all, but I doubt it. Skip, probably.

However, the Ice Cream Truck gremlins are awesome!

There's some neat stuff in the ROTF line. I'm not going to get it all; I never do, but some stuff looks good. I really like Sideswipe Randomname. He looks all knightly in his shiny silver. It will be fun to fiddle with some new kibbly mechanical-looking robots after all the streamlined Animated ones.

I'm pretty excited about this movie, honestly. Maybe this time we'll see Bumblebee surf a nuclear bomb into Megatron's face...


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