Henkei Smokescreen

Henkei Smokescreen

Two winners in a row!

Henkei Smokescreen is great!

And once again, the chrome does that tiny bit of awesomeness that I feel the Hasbro one lacks.

Henkei Smokescreen - Chromy goodness.

I didn't know that he had red chrome on his spoiler too! Fantastic!

Henkei Smokescreen

He's a winner. Buy him. Make sweet sweet robot love to him.

But not as much as you did to Henkei Alert!


Yeah Henkei Smokescreen looks superb. Cartoon paint job as always except that Hasbro Smokescreen's head already took the yellow.

I've opted to wait for Henkei Smokescreen, not because of the chrome (although I love the chrome) but because I couldn't stand Hasbro's application of the number 38 on the doors. It's amazing how a little thing like that makes me willing to drop more cash on the Japanese import, but there you go.

Smokescreen is a favourite character for me. I must have him! I am reassured my decision was the right one because of your preview!

I made sweet love to mine...err wait, what?

I didn't like the Hasbro release at all. I agree that a little thing like the numbers on the doors makes all the difference. The Henkei one was also more accurate with the colors on his arms then the Hasbro one.

Smokescreen is a favorite of mine too. And a little because of his 3 seconds of screen time. I was able to make him in to whatever I wanted him to be with out the influence of animation. I kinda sorta played him like Han Solo if I recall. Mostly though, it was the colors. They look so great on him.

Nala, I can assure you, having gone through every episode of Season Two, that Smokescreen has more than three seconds of dialogue. It's at least five... :)

(Seriously, it's the Gambler that made him and Dirge for me. I need both those babies.)

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