Cheers and Jeers


Damn! I'm looking forward to Titanium Thrust and most especially Titanium Hot Spot!

But damn... they are actually going to rerelease that shitty ass War Within Prime again?!?

That and the Titanium G2 Megatron are two of the shittiest figures ever made!

"Oh my god! I suck so bad!" - War Within Ultra Magnus


Don't knock poor WW Prime too much. He's flimsy but he's love as Ultra Magnus.

Megatron though? That's a disappointment. Why did this line have to start with such weakness, particularly when there was such goodness later on...

I know they're called transformers, but they're both pretty cool if you just pose them and leave them be. Yeah the fall apart when they move, but my red Prime and Megs look pretty sweet on my shelf. I love Meg's cannon and the way it bends over his shoulder etc. Cool to get Don Figueroa's designs in 3D and color. But yeah, touch them and they fall apart is part of the suck.

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