I wish I was bone skinny with an emo boy's build!


Why oh why is it so hard to find a purple tshirt that I can put a big yellow dot on?!?!?!

It sucks to get old and fat.


Do you have a Hobby Lobby store in your area? I just recently found out they have assloads of nice blank t-shirts in various colors and sizes. I was looking so I could make my own personalized "BOTOCN 2009 WANGS OF HONOR" convention shirt.


It does suck. My wife and I have been using the Weight Watchers system. It's very simple, and I've lost about 20lb, which is good.

Hmm, I think you do have a Hobby Lobby out there, and I think a friend of Frau Autobus works there, or used to. I should ask. :)


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