Grrr!!! These things look better every time I look at them!


Damn those arms and legs reduce the turdiness of Energon Superion!

Ya know... if they really wanted to make my shit moist they'd release a set in matching red and blue translucent colors for that damn Transformers Club figure I've been patiently collecting for 4 years now!

I may have to rethink this.

Oh... who the f am I kidding. I'll probably end up buying this shit and just make that figure one of the few from Energon I won't pitch.

Teen Jesus knows I'm probably gonna drop the money down on the Gear of War pack!

However, it will still take a shitload of Jack Daniels and having the bathroom and kitchen remodels complete to think about paying the outrageous sum of cash that the Cliffjumper set is running at these days.


So glad we grabbed the Cliffjumper kit straight from the source. Although, for what it's worth, you might want to think of steering clear for more than just financial reasons - attaching the rear spoiler and actually having it stay on required the assistance of a couple of tiny, salvaged screws. Whatever it is they make after-market kits out of nowadays, it's not what they used for the first one.

Oh Cliffjumper you are so frustrating to me...

I ordered a replacement set for US$40 through paypal from a source when it was released. They took the money and never sent the toy. By the time I got tired of their stalling, it was too late to get the money back (shakes fist at eVilBay's PayPal)... I asked the FansProject folks about it but there wasn't anything they could do - although they'd heard about the situation from others.

And now that it doesn't look like Cliffjumper will be reissued by Takara in the same size as Bumblebee, that set is more coveted than ever. But not Botcon Ratchet price point coveted. TFSource is overpriced for sure.

And now there is some rumour that Powered Convoy is making a general release in Japan. God knows if it is true. After they said they wouldn't do this and haven't done this with Cliffjumper's head.

Sigh. This hobby is evil.

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