I'm still waiting for Autobot Chip.


1000010 1110010 1101001 1100001 1101110 1000100 1100101 1100101 1110110 1100101 1110011 sent me a link to this custom on eBay.

Woah! Nice!


You know it's a nice custom when a design so nasty-fugly from the G1 cartoon can be such an awesome figure.

That's so cool! I always loved how creepy and weird that episode was. The figure is less creepy than the show model because the head is not as creepily oversized - but that's really cool! Thanks for the link.

Definitely keep an eye on FrenzyRumble, the customs coming out of that shop can give Jin Saotome a run for his money...

That episode was pretty creepy and disturbing, I agree.

JOP, I would say that Frenzy's stuff is better. It's completely custom stuff. Did you see the Constructicons/Devastator he did? Absolutely blew me away. Jin just doesn't seem to work on that scale. I'm sure he COULD, but I've been a fan of Jin for years, and it just doesn't seem that way to me.

Yeah, FrenzyRumble just seems to be going completely out there with the incredible gestalts. It's not unusual to see custom gestalts nowadays, but it takes a whole lot of skill and patience to undertake such a gargantuan project and not skimp on the smaller details. Those $4,000 pricetags are complete justified. :)

Plus it even comes with the operating table!

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