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Looks like my Henkei Smokescreen finally shipped too!

That damn Henkei Cyclonus is the only import from these molds that I've been disappointed with.

I mean... how often does Hasbro produce a better painted robot than Takara?

Takara usually pleases me in a Biblical sense while Hasbro gives it to me with a bit more meh.

Now all I have on order are those Henkei exclusives Ghost of Starscream, Electro Mirage, and Strafe.

I seem to be the only one I know that likes the Maple-leaf powered Strafe. But I like my bots with minimal coloring.

And speaking of color... I loved the way the Shockwave changed to his "true colors" this past episode of Animated!

Why does he have to be so cool in the damn show and so sucky as a toy. *sigh*


I got my Henkei Smokescreen just this morning. He's awesome. I'm glad I didn't get the Hasbro one. I almost did when Walmart had them on sale for 8 bucks each. What a great sale though. I got Ratchet, Hound, and Dinobot. I wish I could find Inferno but if I did, then I'd have to break down and get Henkei Red Alert.

If Canadian Cyclonus was cheaper I'd get him. I'd make a special Canadian Decepticon logo for him. I don't actually know who Strafe is so to me he's Cyclonus. Actually there are characters that just cannot be repainted to be someone else. Cyclonus is one of them. Hot Rod is another. (unless he's Rodimus but its the same guy or maybe like Nemisis Hot Rod if that exists)

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