Could I get a Lucky Draw Crystal Pepsi Convoy?

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So I got an email yesterday to this link to an eBay auction to a Crystal Clear Classics Optimus Prime.

Obviously, China's still popping out bad crazy lunchtime specials or something like this.

This one I'd buy in a heart beat if I didn't already have something like $400 in those 3 Henkei preorders outstanding.

There's something really sweet about the gold and how it accents the transparent clear. Of course, some of the comments on the link are bitching about it.

I think it would be sort of boring totally clear.

But TF fandom wouldn't be TF fandom without intense bitching and whining.

The only thing we should actually be allowed to bitch about is Botcon. Why? Because I want to be legally allowed to bitch about my stupidity of going to this thing every year and knowing it will be the exact same thing.

All other bitching should be illegal and punishable by imprisonment.

I need to look up if there were any Lucky Draws for Henkei. I know there are a shitload of exclusives since I have Crystal Convoy and Wildrider with the other 3 on the way.

Yes. I actually get more TF news these days from people emailing me things than actually reading them on the net.

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BUT! Ya get to see the neospark again! And I am making something special for my fellow gay robot geeks!

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