I may get this! I know. I'm shocked!


Now I have had zero interest in any of the new movie toys.

So I was kind of schocked at the fact that Leader size Jetfire piqued my moistness.

I think it is all about the alt mode and the size of the jet.

If I'm going to get a movie figure I can see this one being it.


Is that a walking stick he has there!? But yeah, does look to be the only good 'un out of a bad bunch!


I was stoked for Jetfire, then they had the photo of "Jetifre in 'a' box". Note: Not in HIS box, but a jetfire toy, in a cardboard box. At that point I decided the toy is fat and ugly.

Then this gallery came out and my faith is renewed. At this point I'm back to wanting Prime and Jetfire and not much else from the new movie.

The new Prime looks awesome.

I've felt very much the same way about the Movie toys to this point, but he actually doesn't seem so bad. So far this Leader Jetfire, Deluxe Sideswipe, and the Human Alliance stuff are about the only ones I can possibly see myself picking up.

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