Henkei Alert

Henkei Alert

He's a repaint! He's a few cogs loose of a full deck! He's Red Alert!

And he's mine!!!

Many thanks to the powers that be at TakaraTomy for releasing the logical Red Alert repaint from the Universe Sideswipe mold!

Henkei Alert

I've always been a fan of the almost realistic rescue vehicles... though I'd love to find a city that can afford his alt mode for their fire chiefs!

He's really beautiful.

And the chrome adds just the right bit of ooohhh la la that I've come to expect from the Henkei released figures.

Henkei Alert

Guys. Don't waste your money on the Botcon shit.

Drop that money down on a Henkei Alert for your dusty toy shelves.

Henkei Alert and TF Universe Inferno

Yes! The Red Alert and Inferno bromance can once again be played out in your toy room!


Love it. Red Alert is one of my favorite G1 bots. This Henkei is a great update of the classic brick figure. Nice Takara didn't overdo the chrome.

the package is too pretty, i haven't let my red out yet...but soon. very soon...

He is BEAUTIFUL! I think he is my favourite of the line! Must have!

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