Don't tell anyone what happens at the fire station.


Pulse Warrior, one of my oldest Flickr robot picture compatriots, mentioned a scene from the G1 cartoon with Inferno carrying Red Alert. I vaguely recalled it and so he sent me a screen capture.

Rescue Vehicle Bromance

This was the one where Red Alert when bat shit crazy isn't it?

Anyway, here's my literal gay robot homage to it.

For Pulse Warrior... With Love, Nala.

Some day I would really like to get back to actually giving a care about my robot photos.

As much as I tend to bitch about this thing of ours, I really really really hate the fact that I've posted quite a lot of bad robophotography over the past few months.


you just made my day! that is so freaking awesome. on the tfwiki site the caption below this image says, "Why can't I quit you?".

2 funny. Now I want these guys :P

An excellent picture!

IDW seriously needs to do a joint Spotlight issue for the Autobots AG Duo!

I'd totally buy that. Come to think of it, I buy those Spotlight books, anyways. *sigh*

Incidentally, it was Smokescreen that Inferno was gay for in the comics - in the UK books, he threw Smokescreen out of a burning shuttle because there was only time to save one of them, and there's a bit in the G2 comic where Smokescreen dies horribly (surprise surprise) and Inferno totally and utterly flips his shit. He goes on a monster killing spree and finally knocks a building down on himself.


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