Never fear. Underdog is here!


I could never bring myself to buy the thing, but that's a pretty cool microscope mode.

Obviously the BBC has the term "The Doctor" totally wrapped up and copyrighted and thank Teen Jesus for that!

And man... that alt mode... ugh! I just don't get the appeal of any of the movie design aesthetic. It has been years now and I just don't know how I got suckered into buying all those first movie figures without really like any of them other than the copter, the Takara black osprey, and the pink and white Arcee.

However, while dusting the shelves the other day, I realized those two Protoform Fusion versions of Convoy and Starscream are probably my favorite movie figures. I really really am shocked I like them as much as I do.


i am sick to death of the movie designs. i don't like it. my take on it is that its our american culture's gritty version of what we imagine robots to look like. along the lines of terminator. personally, i prefer the japanese aesthetic of cleaner design.

all my movie toys except the concept camero bb are currently packed away in a container. but i also hate a lot of the universe ones i have too, and have been clearing off and putting away the ones i don't like. i am getting more picky than ever...

That's actually a great challenge. One I believe could be met.

There really is no excuse for the movie robot's complex designs being so visually inarticulate. When I see some of the current Anime designs that have all the complexity you'd ever ask for, but still be visually appealing--I chalk up the nasty-ass movie design aesthetic as being just plain fugly.

I dare you Teresa! After Botcon, I'll do a movie munny if you do a plush movie bot...

Ironically the Robot Heroes versions of the movie designs are the best, most appealing versions. Because they had to simplify and make them more appealing. Check out Robot Heroes Brawl from movie one - perfect. And RH Movie Ironhide is cool too. I almost wish they based the movie designs on the RHs. I think Guido Guidi and Marcello Mattere designed them all on paper before they were sculpted..

BTW, I love the Protoform Fusion figs. Wish I had some.

I think it really says something about what went on in the design process when we ended up with Megatron, Starscream, Jazz, Frenzy, Blackout and Scorponok all being a silver or near-silver shade. Barely a handful of robots in the movie, and almost half of them are the same colour...

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