Kickass Package Art!


With the recent Henkei releases, they've started using some kick ass illustrations of the characters and not photos of the toy.

Henkei Smokescreen Box Art

Smokescreen is great! The smile is just great.

Oh? Where's Red Alert you ask?

Henkei Alert Box Art

Other than his gaping mouth ready to receive Inferno's tool... he's pretty good too!


no kidding, i LOVED the little comic inside too. the packaging is so nice for these henkei tfs, but i am a sucker for good packaging.

Those packages will certainly inspire munnies, I just know it!

Man, I really want these two, but I just can't spare the dosh right now. By the time I've got steady income again (let's say, september?) they'll be sold out or only available at extravagant markups - I feel bad enough paying $30 for one of them, but there's no fucking way I'm paying more than $40.

Today I discovered that Smokescreen is based off a real racer. I knew he was a Datsun Turbo but there was an actual car out there with his colors and a reverse of his number (83 instead of 38).

Anyway that blew my mind and I wanted to share.

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