Hands and feet make Baby Jesus happy.



It really does reduce the suck!

$45 worth of suck reduction? Probably not.

I love these add-ons but I don't think I can spend that kind of money on 'em anymore.


Anymore I just find it insulting that we didn't get this in the first place from Hasbro.

This is all part of one reason why I am just not interested anymore. Armada/Eng sucked, Cybertron sort of got better, animated is ok but riddled with QC problems, Classics are good but there's too much random cash in crap (like how we've gotten three repaints of that Cybertron Defense Scattorshot in the last 6 months.)

Then there is he movie, which i love for it's realistic alt modes but hate for it's grotesque out of scaleness, crummy non accurate paint details and generally UGLY ascetics. Heck at this point I'm not even sure if I want Jetfire anymore which is more or less the only toy I wanted originally. Well, him and Prime. I never got a movie 1 prime and I rather like this new one.

Anyway, rambling....

I'm kinda "meh" on this one. I don't have the toy they made the upgrade for and likely never will.

I saw at the TFCon they're making a Rodimus Prime trailer for Classics Hotrod as one of their next projects. Also they seem to be makeing their own Classics Springer from scratch. The latter would be the bees knees of awesomeness.

Wow... I wanted to get the kiddo a Superion, but the Energon version was just so ugly. And then this comes along...

...I feel stupid for picking up an Ultra-sized Silverbolt now, as cool as that figure is.

So far, I've been nothing but impressed with these guys. If there really was a scratch-built Springer in the works, I might explode. Although... they've got to play that one carefully. That's the point where they stop building after-market extras and move into full intellectual property issues.

Agree with JOP on full intellectual property issues. I do love the Superion add-ons, particularly with the upcoming Target-exclusive. I think these accessories with that one would look pretty cool.

And I'm half tempted to see if the arms and legs would work with the GRC set, since two of the five parts are in fact from Superion Maximus.

Really, the only reason to get the Superion set. I have to say, with the appendage add-ons, it makes the set 100x better.

Wish they would have done something similar for the Bruticus set. The designs for these toys as they originally come (without any appendage add-ons), are just horrid.

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