God is in the details.


Kiss Player Hot Rod

See that?

That's a fishing rod "accessory" that transforms from KISS Player Hot Rod's exhaust pipes. (from fantofan)

That my friends, loyal readers, and TF addicts, is why Takara kicks ass!!!

God is in the details.

Takara knows this. It usually escapes Hasbro where the collectors are concerned.


The irony is that this same line of Transformers produced that devil spawned Official Transformers Hentai Manga.

I try not to think that the manga exists.

WTF??? tf hentai? anywhoo as much as i dislike hotrod this mold and amount of detail is astounding im down for the kiss version and since we're on the subject of takara/hasbro and kiss/binaltech/alternators how come hasbro left out windcharger/decepticharges barrel like any person would want a toy that comes with a scanner as an acc.

Yes. The Takara KISS Player line, which replaced Binaltech and Binaltech Asterisk, is some strange TF hentai-ish beast.

I honestly can't remember about why the tailpipe gun was left off.

Man i just thought it was a joke about the kiss line. as for the tail pipe gun i heard it was unsafe thats just a load we have the crappiest "safty regs" around

After what the Convoy box looked like I'm afraid I'll open the shipping box and see a cartoon beaver shot on the front.

I'm not one to badmouth the occasional beaver shot.

I'm pretty sure the barrel of the S2000 mold was left off because Honda doesn't want thier vehicles associated with the violence of guns.

Scanning is ok though.

Also being a huge robot.

And using pile drivers (Frenzy).

Or being a rapist robot (that Kiss manga uses that mold).

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