What to do what to do.


Ok. For some reason the flip-flop of my TF love-hate relationship has been triggered. I'd imagine it has to do with the fact I'm approaching Day 13 of my cleansing fast and my head is really clear and my depression has gone the way of Arianism.

I am having a surprisingly excited train of thought about Botcon and even this week's Barnesville Pumpkin Festival to some extent.

I can't begin eating again until Monday at the earliest but hey, I'm finished with some major concrete work and definitely am looking at a few days of rest.

Botcon being the closest thing I'll have to a vacation this year is scary in and of itself so I might as well have as much fun and I possibly can.

If there's room in the Element I'm wondering if I dare tread into that scary realm of "room-to-room" trading. Last year was the first time I actually experienced it and while I met some reallly fun people on the whole I don't think I'd handle opening my room to strangers well.

What to do what to do.

(I probably should have put all the Botcon cash into a trip to the Bay Area. I so needs me some Christine and Deb goodness.)


Hey -I did a lot of growing up in Barnesville Ohio!. I went to the pumpkin festival EVERY year for my entire young life. I still have some family there. You have family there too? small world.

Glad you are feeling better! That fast really working wonders, eh? Might have to try that...

Basement looks beautiful too... just some waterproofing to go now, right? The end is nigh. ^___^

Giga's from Barnesville. I'm pretty much just going along for the ride. I'm originally from Toledo, the armpit of Northwest Ohio.

JOP: I'm on day 14 with 4 more days to go and I feel fantastic!!! It really does wonders after a full week and I've been on it almost 2 weeks now. I haven't been hungry in quite some time either.

The cleansing part is the nasty part of it but I won't go into that on a Transformers blog.

I've modified it a bit to suit my own needs such as allowing myself my 1 cup of coffee each morning. I really really really cannot start my day without my 20oz of White Castle coffee.

The basement is about 80% done. There's still 12 feet or so of wall to do and I'll start on that after I return from Botcon. That's the last Phase of the main room and it meets up where I started.

Then there's the floor and the porch room but those should theoretically require me NOT lugging thousands of pounds of concrete mix every few days.

Will -- shoot me an email. Gigamatt at gmail.

May I enquire as to what this fast is, so I can have a look at it for myself? Seriously in need of a detox! (Too many damned great real ales round here...)


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