The Hyatt...


How many months has it been since it was announced and I've finally gotten around to looking at the Hyatt Regency Lexington where Botcon will be held.

There's free wireless internet in the public areas so that means I'll take "Ye Old Powerbook G3 Pismo" and do Botcon blog updates throughout the days we are there... all 4 of them!!! Or maybe we can take Giga's smaller iBook and just use that for both of our high quality blogging/photo posting needs.

I'm also happy that the hotel has a complimentary gym since I'm usually up around 4:30am and I'll be happy to find a treadmill or cross-trainer to spend 90 minutes on. I did this last year in Dallas and just having access to some cardio makes me feel far less guilty about eating and drinking while I'm at the con.

I'm kind of scared to say that I'm actually getting excited to go.

While I'm more of a major lurker and not a die-hard message board poster (since I have this here site for that kind of thing) I'll probably be at the hotel bar Friday night for the slowly gaining steam Allspark bar gathering.

With the exception of Jeremy, I really don't know anyone from the various boards.


I've always preferred only hanging out with one or two friends max at any given time throughout a con. There's just too much going on to chain myself down to a large group. Sometimes the hive mind of a large group of people overrides the urge to strike out and do cool things on one's own.

In other words-not knowing anyone rules!

What day are you going? Or you staying the whole weekend? It's looking more and more like we're (wife and I) are gunna go. Probably just saturday. Know anybody that needs a ride just for saturday? We've got 2 seats open in my car.

Jeremy, Giga, Evebird, and I will be heading down Thursday morning and staying until Sunday.

Honestly, knowing myself like I do, I'll be bored shitless by Friday afternoon so thankfully that's when a bunch of people are meeting up at the bar.

I'm just going to wander around and also see a friend who lives in Lexington. I actually think I'll get way bored with the con itself since I don't really get into the panels or other peripheral stuff.

Alas, I don't know anyone who needs a ride from here since everyone that I know in Cowtown is either there already (for the Wednesday thing) or also going early for the whole event.

If you confirm you are going, drop my an email and perhaps we can hook up Saturday.

Hey Crazysteve!

I'm usually the small group kind of person myself.

No doubt that won't change too much.

Gotta find something to do Thursday night still.

Oh well. I thought I'd toss out the offer anyways. lol

I forgot your email addy at home, so hit me up with an email and answer this questions for me if you would.

Do I have to register just to hit the toy floor? Or even get in the front doors?

Thanks dude.

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