The toy show approacheth.

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I know I promised you all that I'd get my toys that I want to get rid of listed and all but alas, real life has intruded and I've not been able to spend much time in the attic at all.

I apologize but I pulled some of the stuff out of the piles that I had photographed before since I didn't want to sell it and just binned most of it up.

Most of what you all were interested in didn't end up being sold this time around.

We're new to this. We didn't know people covered up their tables.

We got 80% of it up at the show and I'll be there bright and early at 7am to clean up and organize. It is all haphazardly covered up (above) at the convention hall.

Hopefully, after this weekend, some more concrete work, a weekend out of town the following week, and then after several days at Botcon, I'll find some time to actually get the toy sales stuff up.

Of course, right after Botcon I have to start of the final part of my basement walls so who knows what'll happen.

Real life is proving to be far more important than toys.

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