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Your prices were too high! $3? Get outta here!

I was either at what something sold for retail or below with the exception of things of an "exclusive" nature which were essentially midway for what they go on Ebay.

So much of my TF stuff was $3-$10 and all was MISB.


If only I knew I could sell stuff at Botcon without investing so much to rent a truck, pay to be a dealer, and fuel to get there.

I doubt I could make a profit.

And I just want to break even.

Hey, this is Trent from the show

For first timers you guys probably didn’t do as bad as you might think, so that’s something to be proud of. As far as TF fans go, we are a minority-fanbase in the central Columbus area. Which is ironic when the hunt for a new figure is on and the treasured prize is magically no where to be found, but that “addiction” is too strong to just give up.

Anyways cool page man, my collection is dwarfed by the sleeping giant in your attic, but impressive none the less. I’ll look forward to stopping by here when/if there will be an update from Botcon (much envy is directed toward ya by the way).

Glad to have met ya dude, later.

Heya Trent!

Oh no doubt I'll have pictures and video.

If I can find a wireless connection I may even blog from the Con and upload stuff throughout the days!

If only I could just jump onto my waiting private jet, I'd have snaffled half of what you were selling there probably! Given the exchange rate of the pound to the dollar!


This is more a response to Trent as I can't see the video at work (must be YouTube or something).

I'm kind of surprised that the fanbase of TF fans in Columbus isn't that great considering that Willis and many of his cronies live there.

There's probably 20-30 or so people in the general Central Cowlands area from what I've been told.

I've met a few of them but other than Evebird I really don't know many.

I spent more time this weekend talking to local people than I have before.

Hey Trent, good to meet you, having bought lots of DC animated stuff from you in the past!

@RJ: They're here, but they seem to not come to toy shows, which is probably because there isn't usually much there for TF collectors.

I remember a couple years ago, when it was all about Barbie and GI Joe. This time, a little bit of everything, really.

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