Of course there'd be a UM version. Duh!


Well I think we can now officially say that there's a 75% chance that if a smaller Optimus Prime figure is released it'll eventually be done in white as Ultra Magnus.

For example, the not-even-released Classics Optimus Prime is already getting redone as Ultra Magnus in a UM versus Skwarp 2-pack.

I like these a lot.

UM looks really good. And of course, they'd redo the not-even-released Classics Starscream as Skywarp too. Hopefully we'll get a Thundercracker out of it to complete the original seeker trio.

Now will Hasbro repaint this Prime as a black Nemesis Prime?

Hmmmm... must consult the magic 8-ball.


I'm rather liking the UM repaint and the idea of it. Or more, I really want Thundercracker and I'll be getting this two pack. To offset the fact that I hate UM always being a Prime repaint, I will likely pass on Mega Prime in favor of the two pack version included with the superior version of Megatron.

You got your Thundercrackers and Skywarps backwards Nala.


You'd think after 20 years I'd get that right but I always have thought Thundercracker was the darker one.

Of course, in Cybertron, they release a Skywarp repaint that is in fact in a lighter Thundercracker palette.

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