Botcon - Saturday Morning Quickie


Ok. I've absconded with Giga's laptop to try and get some pics uploaded and such.

Thursday nights alcohol debauchery didn't do well for our sleep and I'm afraid that Giga and I didn't make it to the movie on Friday. Sleep was the much preferred option.

Arrving very drunk in Tom's room for trading

It amazes me how this silly world of toys is really sick for no other reason than "because it can be".

On the whole, I'm a board lurker and rarely ever comment. Hell. That's what I have this site for.

But there are these strange sick animosities between these different kinds of people who collected frigg'n toys. Maybe it is because I'm on the older side of the spectrum here. I'm not quite sure.

I'm told that most of these groups of people I'm seeing are all from different cliques of message boards and such and that so and so hates this person and blah blah blah. It is all quite amusing.

I'd have to say that if you are inherently anti-social and do not live on TF message boards than Botcon on the whole is probably not for you.

I'm lucky to have found a few of the more absurd and I suppose what I'd call "non-affliated" people to hang around with. Wit helps too.

Last night a ton of football jocks and assorted jockish guys arrived at the hotel so I'm assuming they are here for the U of Kentucky football game. I sat at a table next to many of them while near the bar and talk about your culture clash.

On one side you had very loud poorly dressed drinking jocks and on the other side you had mostly load poorly dressed geeks. The geeks seemed to be oblivious to the jocks but the opposite was not true. It was like high school all over again. If they could have, the jocks would have isolated the weakest geeks and totally picked on them. They did so in their discussions that much is for certain.

Some more photos are up at Flickr. More later.

*ugh* A guy just walked by me in that Megatron club shirt I totally loathe. I think that's my que to skeddable and go purge myself. This is the second one I've seen this morning.

Unclean! Unclean! Unclean!


high school. it never ends...

Man, Robot Convention.

Yeah, I saw the football team; apparently they were the ones that UK were playing the next day. As they entered the hotel, I thought "Finally, someone who's actually touched a titty before!"

Actually, if you were in the Hyatt lobby, you probably saw me or my group of friends pretty regularly, as we spent a fair portion of the weekend in that little lounge-y area over by the fireplace, with the couches and all.

I was the tall, incredibly handsome one who actually knew how to dress himself.

My favorite part was the people from a particular messageboard who approached EVERYONE and started asking them who they were and why they weren't posting at this particular messageboard*.


*twofold answer: because the moderators are jackoffs and because i got banned from posting there about three years ago. I wonder if these phenomenon are interrelated?

Greetings -hx!

The football team and coaches had absolutely no idea what to make of the people in the lobby and near the elevators.

They came in and there were adults walking around with toys around their necks, playing with things they'd bought, and so forth.

It was rather funny in an absurd sick way.

The best though was watching them as they got to the elevators and they came across Starscream and Soundwave. They had NO IDEA what the hell was going on at all.

And then there was me, Nala, just kind of sitting back and sucking it all in.

I kind of have a thing about clothing at cons (of any kind). I think it goes back to my days as a teen working in a comic shop and doing cons as a dealer, as well as my general age now.

I just like to see less t-shirts and better dress. It is just me I guess.

I especially wish more people had dressed up for the dinner but even then it wouldn't have made it any better for me. That event was a disaster for me and I should have left and went to a restaurant.

I'm most definitely getting bitter and jaded to what I expect from "organized" cons.

Yeah. This year was my 9th Robot Convention, so I'm at the point where a lot of things are pretty much 'been there, done that'. (like; how many times can you tell the same story about Gary Chalk almost throwing up during the BW voice sessions?)

The group I was with (the thrice-damned #wiigii!, erstwhile scourge of the fandom-at-large) were going out for kareoke that night, so we were, generally speaking, at least somewhat reasonably dressed.

That being said, I wish I had a can of kerosene to douse everyone I caught wearing those damned TF luau shirts with. THOSE ARE NOT DRESS CLOTHES. Yes, they have collars and buttons, but they also have goddamn giant screen prints of fucking ROBOTS on them. Save that shit for your tie, if you absolutely have to wear your obnoxious geekery on your sleeve (so to speak).

I think I'm gonna submit a panel proposal to Savage for next year's 'con. "How To Dress Yourself: A Guide For Basement-Dwelling Fanboys." I might even follow it up with a second session; "How To Talk To Girls Without Stumbling All Over Yourself Or Coming Across As A Sexual Predator."


There's only so much TF shit one can "panelize". We went pretty much to kill time and even then I'd rather walk up to some panel person and just ask a question one on one than at the panels.

The Hasbro panel was pretty much useless and I'd probably have gone to the voice actor one (other than the 5 minutes at the end I did) if Scott McNeill wasn't there.

I have absolutely nothing against him but having done so many of these things there's nothing really new for him to say.

Same fan questions. Same Scott answers.

But that's the problem with these kind of niche cons.

Everything comes full circle.

It'll only get worse.

Even the con survey asked questions about it becoming "a pop culture" convention.

I might as well spent my money and go to one of those insane San Diego cons then.

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