New LOCs.

| 1 Comment has posted some images of new Legends of Cybertron redecos and it seems to be a veritable "We can't ever escape G1" fest.

Fireflight, a repaint of LOC Jetfire, is ok. I suppose it supposed to be a color homage to G1 Aerialbot Fireflight but it goes the cream route instead of white.

Perceptor, a repaint of LOC Red Alert, is pretty much all inspired by G1 Perceptor.

Trypticon, a repaint of LOC Scourge, is colored like G1 Trypticon.

I'm glad they've kept the Trypticon name at least.

Now I really can never knock sub-$6.00 figures. You'll rarely see me bad mouth a basic or non-main line figure like a PVC or "Legends" figures unless they are really garishly decoed. These are pretty cool.

I'm all for Hasbro using these small figures to keep the names alive too.

Never ever ever ever lose the name Shockwave again!!!

Shockblast just never cuts it.

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I havn't been collecting the LoC figures myself. I really like small toys but I've been trying ot curb my "Crack addiction" in recent years so smaller stuff like this I tend ot deem unnessesary. The same actually goes for anything over 20 bucks that doesn't absolutely scream "Buy me" (aka Cybertron Soundwave and incidentally, the upcomming reissue Soundwave).

I may have to get Perceptor though. I rather like the character. I just wish I could find the guns for my reissue Perceptor. They seem to have been misplaced in my not-so-recent move from my parents to my wife's.

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