Columbus Toy Show


CTS- Giga's mad section.

To say that the Columbus Toy Show was bad for me would be an understatement. I barely moved anything and what I did sell was because I had to really discount it.

Giga on the other hand (pic above) kicked major ass. His old Pokemon toys were super hot, as well as his Teen Titans and other stuff.

I mean he totally rocked.

I'd say he had 10 buying customers for ever 1 who showed interest in my Transformers stuff.

There was just barely any interest in TFs period. There were a few other dealers but most of them had the usual old G1 stuff either in 1) excellent shape with boxes, 2) in mediocre shape missing tons of stuff, or 3) in $1 bins.

I seemed to be the only one with with more or less Hasbro stuff from the past few lines.

I did meet one seller, Will, a local Cowtowner, who I snagged a Car Robots Baldigus off of and a few of the missing Takara PVCs I needed. His friend (whose name escapes me) had some really interesting Takara super deformed PVCs that I'd never seen. Had much fine conversation with them and a many other people I met which really made the show worthwhile. We'll probably run into him in 2 weeks at Botcon.

Overall, it was a fun show and a learning experience. I know what I need to do for the next show in April. I know I probably won't sell too much TF stuff, but really, as long as I don't buy anything, and as long as I can at least sell $40 (table rate) I break even.

Anyway, I'm dead tired.

I'll post later what I bought and I've got some really stupid video to edit and post when I find the time.


Dude, I totally would have bought some Transformers off you if you had some G1 stuff. Pretty much everything you had I already had. Sorry I couldn't help ya out any. :/


(btw-I was the guy with the ink on his left arm and the pregnant wife. Thanks for the web page addy. I'll be stopping by all the time now.)

Hey Josh!

It wasn't like I needed to sell I just wanted to clear out space in the Attic.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a fan of G1 anymore so I really haven't been buying anything that old.

I kind of own pretty much everything I personally want to keep so I don't have much to give back to the world.

Hmmm... but ya know, there is some stuff I could probably end up parting with.


Stuff you could part with? *eyes light up*

I've been trying to trim The Attic of Love down to a more manageable level. That's why I was setup at the show to try and begin selling off more recent MIB stuff I had.

I've been promising people a list of exactly what I want to get rid of but real life kept intruding on that. I hopefully can get it up after Botcon when I have a free weekend.

I GOTTA take a list of pieces/parts with me when I go. lol

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