A brief Botcon update.


Ok. Unfortunately, Giga's laptop is really slow and it would take forever to upload the many pics just from the past 2 days. The video is totally out of the question so all of you will have to wait until I return to Cowtown. Sorry. We even had to buy wireless access. That is insane!

However, a brief update.

Today was the first day of the show. I kinda went overboard at the dealer room already as you can see from my purchases below.

My current Botcon haul.

Yeah. Insane.

Got a Star Saber even!

Frowny will be happy with his loose set of exclusives. These things are totally hot and are totally sold out. I don't even know if they had enough Tigatrons, Megatrons, and Waspinators for the people who came and had the Primus package. Severely underestimated on FP's part.

The figures are totally fantastic.

We spent last night completely cocktailed and were quite drunk, running from room to room for trading. Major bad craziness there and the videos should not be pretty.

More when I can.


Man that’s cool. So much for holding out any hope for any left over exclusive sets on the club store like they had last year.

What conditions that Star Saber in? Mint?

Who’s that Galaxy force guy in the top left?

How are the classics?

Nice haul for day one, what else ya gonna get?

Damn you sure got some sweet swag whats the little guy in front of the beast machines box between bumblebee and optimus and do the have any of last years ironhide for sale. Have fun glad everything is going good.

The Galaxy Force figure is Dark Nitro-Convoy, I think. Dang! You even ended up with the EX-02 set! I still need to get one of those, but I really can't justify the cost, 'cause I only want it for the Ramble. . .

And once again, Nala, a million thank yous.

Trent: Star Saber is practically mint. The box has a little wear but he's beautiful and white as can be. His sword is also chromtastic. His stickers have been applied though but look well done.

That is indeed Dark Nitro Convoy. There were only two at the show and I decided to get one.

The Classics are EXCELLENT!!!

James: That's a PVC of Superlink Convoy that the Japanese guys were giving away. I may have one of those for sale. Not sure.

Frowny: The set was only $100!!! I had to get it!!! There were only 2 at the show that I saw.

You are going to love the show figures too. I wish I could have snagged the extras but since they clipped our badges they would not let me buy more than one. :-(


Well, I got first dibs on them if you ever sell.

Yes, we were quite drunk weren't we? I'm embarassed that Brian heard my black-girl-praise-jesus all the way down the hall. But we did almost kill two bottles of rum... oh, and all that PUSSY BEER.

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