I'm sorta getting moist about TFs? *sigh*


Classics Ramjet via TformersTformers has some great pics of unpainted Classics Ramjet and Classics Jetfire.

Ya know... outside of Classics Mirage... I'm feeling the love.

I've extremely happy Ramjet keeps the "conehead" style. I'm hoping they've designed him to be easily repainted/retooled into the other conehead seekers since all they really need is easily exchangeable wings. Hasbro has to know that collectors worldwide would scarf that shit up.

I'm all moist for Ramjet.

Classics Jetfire? Hmmmm...

Obviously this Jetfire is the first attempt ever to incorporate aspects of the 80s animation's "Skyfire" into a toy and that's kinda of cool.

I especially love the chest since it is so Skyfire.


Feeling a bit like Michael Corleone before his diabetic stroke in that movie I'm not allowed to talk about on this site, eh?

(Quick aside-I was born and raised in Canada and that's the first time I've used that colloquialism in about 7 years.)

Hmmmm, liking those...

Shame the Classics Grimlock is so horrible!


Who's eagerly awaiting WST Swoop. If they ever make it. Swoop is a Holy Grail for me as it was never released here in the UK...

Frowny: I don't recall Michael Corleone going moist in that horrible-film-that-should-not-be-named.

Mark: Yeah. Grimlock is a little on the meh site.

Here are my grades:

Bumblebee, Starscream, Ramjet, Jetfire--A+

Prime, Astrotrain--B+

Mirage, Grimlock--C

Megatron--D (but nice effort to make a "gun")

Overall, I'm fairly impressed with the Classics line.

Here's just a question for everyone here who's seen the Classics Megatron: would he have been better if he was grey and black (or even olive drab and tan) instead of nerf-colored? I thought the shapes in bot mode were well-formed.

G: I probably would like it a little bit more. But not by much.

Well, maybe he wet his pants when he died in that chair. But no, I was talking about the "Everytime I try to get out. . ." comment.

Nala has a love/hate relationship with TFs.

I think the old school black and grey would have been cool for Megs' Giga. seeing as it looks like their trying to recapure the original fan base

I would even be happy if they'd made Megatron's green parts red.

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