Willpower. I have some.

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I walked into TRU today and was shocked to find a ton of new stuff.

However, with that said, and being true to my new goals, I only walked about with what I absolutely wanted which was a 6" Titanium Jetfire and 6" Titanium Thundercracker.

I even passed (for the moment) on the Hasbro 2-Pack of the retooled Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron.

I passed on repaints of the new Optimus Primal, Beast Megatron, Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, and Galaxy Force Vector Prime.

Did you hear that?

I passed on figures I don't own.

That's like an amazing thing for me.

Normally I would have bought every single one of them because my completist crack addiction would demand it!

But nope.

Not today.

Yes. There's a new Nala in town.

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Yeah I agree, I passed on the Primal + Megs 2 pack too. But just wait man this Sunday Toys r us is having a buy two get one free sale on Transformers. I plan to pick up the 2 pack, plus the titanium guys and whatever Cybertron stuff I’m missing.

Also have you seen any of the Beast Wars 10 anniversary guys on sale anywhere?

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