So you know what's cool?

Today was my annual Labor Day cookout and we have about 50 or so people come through our house to share in food and grilled stuff.

Of course, inevitably people who have heard or or know of my addiction want to see the Attic of Love™ and all of the horrors it contains.

So I took many people on many tours of the Attic and as usual, watch their jaws kind of drop when they find themselves surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of toys.

However, the best comment came from Dave D.'s little daughter who completely ignored every single toy in the entire Attic and said "Look Daddy! A real goldfish!" as she became enamoured of Number Six, The World's Most Beloved Goldfish™.

And honestly, Number Six, swimming around in his tank, is far more interesting than a bunch of plastic sitting on shelves or in boxes.


My god, we have a Spandeau Ballet fan here...


Funny how it seems.

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