Someone wasted their time for this?


So way back on July 17, someone, apparently in the Netherlands, took the time to leave the following comment that got filtered into the junk folder:

I would like to stick all these useless pieces of crappy plastic and metal up your ass, one by one, slowly. LOL How old are you? Aren't you ashamed of this useless hobby?
I cannot believe this person felt the time and effort was necessary to declare that they'd like to stick my toys up my ass.

Regardless of how utterly useless my toy collection is, which I totally agree with you on, the mere fact you felt it necessary to fill out the comment form to declare your intentions to put toys in my ass indicates you have some bizarre gay anal fascination with toys and violence. Yes?


I've found people from the Netherlands (at least those that use the internet) tend to be quite the nasty bunch. Don't know why, wish it weren't so. Maybe I've just had bad luck with 'em.

Don't worry about posts like that; people who take the time to put down others in this way only do it to boost their own lack of self esteem and compensate for a crappy existence. Content people don't behave that way; his life is crap, guaranteed.

P.S. Re-issue Soundwave in Soundblaster, yo.

Oh. It couldn't possibly bother me.

But I just can't get over the amount of effort people sometimes exert to say something totally and utterly retarded.

Speaking as an Englishman, the Dutch are... hmmm... A waste of paper, space, electricity... Oh wait! I'm falling in the same trap!



There's always a chance he was going through an open proxy but the IP appeared to be from there.

Ok. I just realized something strange, well, by US standards, in Mark's comment.

You said "Englishman" which for all intents and purposes is a harmless way to indicate country and nationality of origin.

However, stateside, for some reason this is quite often taboo to use.

I think it has to do with the history of racism in this country.

In the 1800s "Chinaman" and "Irishman" became so derided that it practically wiped out the use of -man as a suffix.

And let me say... Azerbaijaniman rolls off the tongue so well.

As far as I know, Englishman is still perfectly acceptable, but then again no one's ever used the expression "An Englishman's chance in Hell."

Dunno, Rich Kyanka said it best when he said (sarcastically) "Make sure you let everyone on the internet know how much they suck. If you don't tell them, how will they know?" and considering what he'd "like" to do to you, he probably got so aroused leaving the comment he had to run to the bathroom with his copy of this month's Anal Rampage.

I think Anal Rampage was supposed to be a 2001 Botcon Exclusive.

I try to steer clear of leet, but OMFGBBGROFL - the comment on Anal Rampage left my daughter thinking I was dying or something, I was laughing so hard...

As for this guy, I have to wonder if he's Dutch - they've always struck me as incredibly laid back. Such vitrol seems very odd coming from the land of the ham and cheese toasty.

As for the Englishman matter... it's sort of sad, but it could be because so far as I've been able to make out, a lot of Americans just don't know the difference between England and Britain (and more often than not Wales, Scotland and Ireland.)

Hence my comment... I am an Englishman. I was born in Epsom, Surrey, England, I live in Canterbury, Kent, England, and I shall probably always live in England...

When I applied for my passport, I put English as Nationality... It comes back, BRITISH! I AM NOT A SCOTSMAN! Nor am I a WELSHMAN! Not even an IRISHMAN!

Although I'm partial to the odd Guinness...


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