Slowly but surely... The Crack Den takes shape.


It is taking forever but The Crack Den™, the toy room formerly known in bygone days as The Attic of Love™, is slowly surely coming together.

I've rummaged through a few bins and boxes in the basement but I can't seem to find my other Micronauts or other stuff I want out.

What I am coming across is a lot of stuff I will definitely be getting rid of once our online store is done.

The Crack Den - November 1 2008
The Crack Den - November 1 2008
The Crack Den - November 1 2008

I'm trying to keep the shelves somewhat thin and will eventually, pretty much what can fit on the shelves will be all I keep.

That's the way it has to be.

But that is a good thing.


so awesomely impressive! you are really going to downsize that much? that's amazing! i will have to poke around your store when you get it open.... :D

Highly impressive!! Good luck thinning out the collection. A dedicated room this awesome would make me loose all crack restraint.

If you have any bots you want to thin out in as lot let me know. My four year old son is now Transformers obsessed...reference guides and everything. I'm working on putting together a crack filled x-mas.

Looks good! I cannot wait until your online store is up and running!

Let me know once your store is up. I'm clearly on my way to become The Internet's Most Beloved Mexican Transformers Bloggerâ„¢. Some of your extras could definitely improve my collection. BTW, thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

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