Titanium War Within Prowl

6" Titanium War Within Prowl (TRU Exclusive)

Finally found them!!!

I figured they were Ebay scalpered and almost gave up.

Still need to find me a damn Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus to complete the set!

Titanium War Within Prowl is the 2146th Transformer that I've acquired.


So. Do I buy one or three, with the second to become Bluestreak and the third to become Smokescreen but really just to take up more space until such time as Hasbro does another repaint itself for a show or a site (a la Skywarp) leaving me with unopened metal and plastic encore?

Answer in the form of a question.

RE: Tit G1 Magnus.

I have one. I'd probably be willing to part with him (he's been opened and displayed/transformed a time or three, but I have all the packing materials and he's in pretty great condition), since City Commander has supplanted him on my shelf.

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