Help us Zombie Herbert, you're our only hope.


Comparing any shitty Dune-related novel by B. Herbert and K. Anderson to anything written by Frank Herbert is already abomination.

To say that their shlock sci-fi for the retarded is in fact better than Dune Messiah means you fail to understand the purpose of Dune Messiah.

Man I so hope that when the rapture happens, Zombie Frank Herbert will appear and eat the brains of his kid and that mundane Anderson, then piss all over their mundane schlock "novels".



I must admit I have never read any of the DUNE novels. Do I lose my geek card now?
(I haven't read much besides MACHINERY'S HANDBOOK and the International Building Code lately. Do I get it back now? Or do I have to actually build an ornithopter?)
Still, even with such dribbles of secondhand information I have about the novels, that ad copy seems like it should provoke a John Lennon-style firestorm in the geek world. There will be riots at comic shops.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I tried reading Dune for a project in grade 12 and didn't make it through. I then resorted to watching the movie which I also couldn't finish. Even with Captain Picard in it. In the end I had my friend who loved the books and movie pretty much do the project for me.

I often feel that I should probably give it another chance. Maybe I just wasn't in a "Dune Place" in high school?

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