TF Universe Springer and Ratbat

TF Universe Springer and Ratbat

I'm thinking that these guys will be going back. I'm not sure why I bought them.

TF Universe Springer and Ratbat are the 2137th and 2138th Transformers that I've acquired.


I was tempted to pick them up. Zellers Canada carries Target Exclusives since we gave Hasbro shit for not giving us anything cool.

I like Springer a lot but I decided to use restraint which was very unlike me.

I thought the idea of using Cyb. Crosswise as pre-Earth Ratbat was inspired. And Springer is... well, I guess Springer is some kind of experiment to see how many times one can homage a triple-changer without actually releasing a new triple-changer.

Crosswise is a racecar in cybertron, this is Sideways. I'm loving the idea too though, can't wait to get a hold of this set.

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