TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge

TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge

Total keeper on the Roadbuster. Sucks I had to pay the money to get him and now have the Dirge which does nothing for me.

At least his blue is pretty damn intense!

TF Universe Roadbuster and Dirge are the 2139th and 2140th Transformers that I've acquired.


Theres upgrade kits being produced for both, keep an eye open for both.

I'll take Dirge off your hands if you don't want him? I want that half of this set, but not the other.

Problem solved! I love the Dirge. I think he would make an excellent addition to Heavyarm's personal Civil War.

DR, do you have evidence of the production of these upgrade kits?

Fairplaythings: link

Includes two pics of the 3D models and a pic of the unpainted prototype.

Picked this up as well. Love Roadbuster, meh on Dirge.

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