Do I even bother wasting more time or just start from scratch?


Is there a word in English that means "I hate something 1000 times more than I hated in yesterday and will likely have it even 1000 times more than that in an hour"?

Because if there is a word in English like that then that's truly what I think of Movable Type 4.2's templating.

I actually came across someone with the same complaints I have and someone from MT commented and said something along the lines that MT has such "grokable templates" now or something like that.

Um. No.

I've come to the conclusion now that if you want to remotely customize the design of your site beyond changing simple CSS colors, Movable Type really isn't for you any more.

You need to be an expert at understanding all of this and how it interacts and so forth.


After 200+ hours over the course of the past few months I certainly don't grok this shit.

Where was I going with this?

Oh. Yeah.

I really hate Movable Type 4.2.

It is a fine example of an application that went from being incredibily simple and functional for the intermediate user to a dog slow piece of shit that is now more confusing.

I'm pretty much back to looking at new blogging software and just abandoning this mess.


One word. Two syllables. Just say it. Worrrr...

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