How's it go'n?



Yeah, Giga's working on the online store. Hopefully the security certs will be fully active and we'll be able to run some content test on it.

Huh? Oh... there will be a "Buy My Crack" link appearing somewhere on the home page that will take you there when it is fully online.

What'll I have up?

Well... I need to filter out some things first that some Cowlanders may want and then it'll probably be Armada, Energon, Cybertron, and miscellaneous G1 stuff.

No. I do not have MIB G1 stuff.

No. I never wanted to own a lot of G1 stuff.

Huh? Oh never! Shockwave, Lucky Draw Black Fire Convoy, the Botcon Beast Wars set are not for sale.

It'll be up soon.


Don't let Giga forget to work on his own blog. We miss his comments too.

Excited to see your sale crack. Enjoying the evolving reconstruction on your site (mainly because I feel your growing pain there). Your site is really coming along.

Giga's got his own sites he's having problems with.

I've got bins and bins of inventory to photograph and upload to the new store, but I've also got two software upgrades to do and make sure SSL is working. And that's just one site.

This is also the time of year when I end up doing the most volunteer work, so that site's got a major overhaul coming. Thankfully, I can call in help on that one, once the software's upgraded.

As for my personal site? Who has time to blog. I quit blogging in April, I think.

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