Are they a rip off or are they original?


I suppose I should just email the man (or woman) who could answer me directly but hell... that would take all of the fun about actually having something TF-related to say right now.


Are Mighty Muggs original or are they a derivative of the Munnies or are Munnies original or are they a derivative of the Mighty Muggs?

They are kinda-sorta the same basic thing.

Obviously, my first exposure to these types of things were Mister Sloane's #1 Award Winning Botcon entry from earlier this year (below).

Botcon 08 - Day 2 -  Award Winning Munnies Display!

And truth be told, I think I'm more partial to the Munny shapes over the Mugg shapes.

In regards to the TF Muggs, face-plate bots such as Prime and Soundwave look a helluva lot better than actual face-mouth bots such as the Megatron and Bumblebee.

I think I'm partial to these things being more abstract and the real face ruins it for me.

Mister Sloane kept the Beast bot faces, but they are more abstract than the ones on those 2 Muggs and I think that really appeals to me.

And of course, the current mascot of, my totally tits awesome Munny Shockwave, couldn't possibly have a more abstract face if one tried!


Help a brother out with some data folks.

Don't make me have to be all Googly and shit.


the muggs have nothing to do with munny/dunny.

munnies and dunnies are a product of kidrobot, a designer clothing brand that got its start with vinyl figures/toys.

muggs are trying to pull off that whole graphic artsy fartsy feel that kidrobot has locked down but happen to be failing miserably.

i wouldn't mind the soundwave one though.

Apologies for length.

Kid Robot is one of a number of companies who are involved in the marketing of vinyl toys. There are a lot of other styles out there - in fact, one of my favourites right now is the video game toy by Soopa ( - and a lot of cool books that cater to people who are interested in the designs. Qees and Ugly Dolls are other examples of popular vinyl lines.

Kid Robot does a lot of different vinyl toys. It saves artistic versions of vinyl toys for its Dunny (and other) lines. For example, they are currently doing a line of Simpsons figures with remolded heads - see here for details:

Munnies, however, are completely blank. There are no mass marketed versions of Munnies available from the company. The hook is that you create the figure yourself. They've been available since at least 2006, when I first started collecting. Each 7" Munny (Megatron scale) comes with four different accessories and a colouring book, and come in white, black and glow-in-the-dark. They have subsequently released 4" (like Waspinator) and 2 foot tall versions (very expensive). The small ones come in white, blue and pink, and the big ones come in a bunch of colours too.

On Mighty Muggs, your comment about derivative is accurate. It really is Hasbro attempt to get in on a cool toy line that is really aimed at hip collectors. Using its various licenses, it has primarily opted to produced finished Muggs for the retail market. They are fun in their own way, and the shading is really quite amazing artistically speaking.

Hasbro has also attempted to get in on the creative side of things by releasing blank munnies in black and white through their website.

Personally, I like the GIJoes and Transformers on their way and select Marvels as well. My one and only Muggs right now is Tarkin, but Admiral Ackbar will join him shortly. Admittedly, though, I am a little concerned about two things: 1) that the existence of Muggs will make a repeat award at a future con less likely, and 2) it is a cynical ploy by Hasbro to cash in on another market and usurp its market share.

You should be aware that the Muggs, while they have the same articulation as Munnies, their arms and head do not separate from their bodies, which is actually quite a nice advantage for painting. And I gotta say, I love the munnies more because of the ears and tails, as well as the shape of the chin.

And given your comment on faces, I would be interested to know what you think of something a little more realistic like the GIJoes -

the mighty muggs are ripoffs of the munny/dunny thing from kid robot. but i see colin already explained all that... :D i have to say seeing the shockwave munny on your testing blog is really neat.

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