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So as you know, Mr. Giga, former action figure collector, has been busily working on our online store.

It is totally separate from my Crack Affiliated websites, but will be a place for both he and I to sell off our collections... or at least a decent chunk of them.

Now I know this may piss some of you off, especially those who I've promised (literally for over 20 months or more now) that a good chunk of my toys will be sold... but Giga's shit is in a more orderly catalogued state to be sold first so once I post the link to the store site, his stuff will likely be up first.

I've gotten a ton of basic photos done today for 3 bins of figures.

Since I know many of my readers are cross-brand crack addicts, there will no doubt be many of you interested in some of this non-TF stuff.

Out of the recent bins I've had the obscene pleasure of photographing such Mint-On-Card figures as...

Ralph Dinby with creepily sexual elongated neck

JLA Satellite Era Ralph Dinby with Creepy and Odd Sexually Suggestive Elongated Neck!

And then... well... there's quite possibly the greatest accessory to a figure ever this side of a rubber duck for Beast Megatron...

Alex Luthor with 80s mullet action accessory

Earth-3 Alexander Luthor with 80s Mullet Accessory!


Mullet Accessory!!!!

80s Mullet Accessory

Take that Classics Ultra Magnus armor!

You think you are all that?

Alex Luthor's mullet has so got you beat!!!


As one loyal reader, I can affirm that I am equally interested in Giga's stash. Is he getting rid of it all? Cold turkey can never succeed.

Can either of you guys tell me who the the character is on the top right of Elongated Man's card? I was watching that Justice League Frontier movie over the weekend and coincidentally saw the character, but didn't know who he was.

By the way, I love your site for the fact that often times I get to see stuff that I've never even heard of.

Nala: I did a "clear private data" and could log in again.

To address the FPT query, I am also thinking of downsizing my Batman Animated, Superman Animated, and Doctor Who collections to bare minimums, due to lack of space. Due to changes at work, I may soon no longer have any space to display them.

Tonight/tomorrow morning, I'm going to try again to upload my DC Direct carded/boxed items to the store site. Just in time for Christmas shopping season.

Nala, I hear you (and Giga) on the no-end-in-sight DC Direct thing. My thing right now is to try and limit myself to single versions of particular characters that I like but don't love. All Green Lanterns and Hawkpeople remain welcome. And where is my Terry Sloane figure?!?

Giga, I'm eager to take a peak. A buddy of mine here collects the animated line - I'll make sure he drops by too.

With DC Direct I tend to only buy characters I like and then they also have to look really good. I'm primarily a Batman collector so I buy some of the different Batmen (not all of them though) and I have a strange crush on Barbara Gordon so I keep buying figures of her. I'll also buy just about any Nightwing put in front of my face. But with the rest of the DCU I try to just get one of each and stop there. I'm still waiting on a really good Green Arrow to pop up. I found a kick ass Canary and Wonder Woman. I still need a good Flash. I also don't really buy the secondary characters or any character I've never heard of. I have to really care about said hero for them to join my collection.

Otherwise it becomes Toy Biz Xmen back in the 90's that I can't even give away at this point.

Tell me about it. I have a complete Fantastic Four (circa mid-1990) in boxes in the basement, still on card and it will never sell. Saw someone selling individual pieces for like $2-5 a piece.

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