Let's get retarded...Let's get retarded in here...


You know the best thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

I learned my lesson the first time around and won't be buying shitty movie shit!


What the hell was I thinking?

Other than my Black TakaraTomy Incinerator, the TakaraTomy white/pink Arcee, and my two expensive as hell Fusion Cluster Protoform figures, I can't think of anything I want to keep.

That's it!


I couldn't agree with you more!!

No new movie stuff for me either. Actually I'm still pissed that the stuff I want is never on the shelves because they keep flooding Walmart with movie toys.

I wish I had never bought movie Starscream.

I got the leader class Prime from work as a gift which was pretty cool. I leave it in truck mode though.

I was looking at Soundwave on Tfans---I kind of like him, and I HATED the first movie, in design aesthetics and mostly the total lack of story. Oh and there were of course the random slo-mo scenes with no meaning---can't forget them. . .

I'll watch it, probably hate it and probably buy some stuff from it. I'm getting ready to unload about a 3rd of my movie stuff right now, and the other 2 thirds are posed at the school where I work. I figure that if the kids break them, I won't feel too bad about it, plus it gives me an access point for the ones who are secretly into toys. In middle school, I don't know if that makes me cooler or them geekier---

Well, Wreckage and Landmine were decent.
In fact, pics just popped up of a more concept art-accurate Wreckage redeco.

I don't get the wide-spread hate over the movie figs. They may not be as awesome as some of the Classics/Universe figs, but they are pretty decent for the most part. I customize for fun, and a good portion of the set looks a lot better with a little extra paint detail. I can't think of one mold I absolutely hate, but I definetly like some more than others, i.e. Ratchet, Wreckage, Ironhide, Incinerator, Concept Bumblebee to name a few. On the other hand, kudos Nala, for donating figures to a children's service. I do something similar.

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