TF Universe Ironhide

TF Universe Ironhide

On the whole, he's not bad. His blue face leaves a lot to be desired, especially with the shitty paint job mine has.

TF Universe Ironhide is the 2131st Transformer that I've acquired.

TF Universe Ironhide (bot)

He's got that hunch-backy feel though.

I tried rearranging what parts I could but he never quite gets out of that.

TF Universe Ironhide (hand detail)

I'm totally loving his hands though.

I love the way they fold back, almost mimicking (as practical as can be) the way his hand retracted into his body for accessories in the old cartoon.

TF Universe Ironhide (with weapon)

His weapon blade clicked onto the wrist once the hand is bend aside and I'm thinking that the right person, with the ability to mold and produce accessories, could really do a great accessory pack for him and Ratchet.

TF Universe Ironhide (alt mode)

I wish that Hasbro had either made the alt mode windows clear or just painted them all. The half-and-half is one of my major peeves here.

I think I read that the Henkei version fixes the blue face and some of the other nits but I can't say for certain if it would be worth it.

However, with the inevitable Ractchet, some chrome against the white would be nice.


You should probably have waited for the running change variant Hasbro said they're going to do, if the blue face bothers you that much.

Oh, and you don't have to fold the hand inwards, the weapon is designed to slide over it.

I'm a bit sore on this toy because mine came with two Left hands. Fortunately I cold just permanently replace one hand with the gun.

Teresa did a quick paint application to fix the face - - it looks one hundred percent better.

Agree with you on accessory pack. Be nice if the guys over at did up a set like that.

by the way Nala, some guy is working on an upgrade kit for Universe Deluxe Roadbuster, giving him the right face and weapons.

You don't have to bend his hand to the side. It slides into the weapon when you attach it to the hand.

~Matt Booker

My Ironhide didn't come with an Oregon license plate.

Nala, don't forget that you can fold the rear bumper in, which slides a panel with his Autobot symbol into view through the rear window.

I thought his hands retracted in g1? (Not counting when he would shoot stuff out of his fingertips.)

And yeah, the bumper retracts and the wheels fold up into the backpack, though without modifications Ironhide doesn't fit together all the way.

He does have potential, though.


~Matt Booker

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